How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

John Hanger

How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

From time to time every man can benefit from a helping hand, in achieving and maintaining a rock hard erection.

It’s perfectly natural and surprisingly common to worry about sexual performance, and/or to consider that your penis size is less than adequate.

For some guys, penis envy can become something of an obsession that often results in shopping for a miracle cure that can instantly super-size your manhood. 

“Do penis pills really work?”

“What is the best penis enlargement pill?”


And, “Where can I buy penis enlargement pills?” are likely to be the questions that are constantly rolling around in your head, if you’re the guy who is in need of a sexual confidence boost. 

The truth is, if you’re constantly wondering how to get a bigger penis with pills, penis enlargement pills could certainly be beneficial for you in a number of ways…

Do Penis Pills Work?

Penis enlargement pills are a relatively new product on the market. Although some scientific research has already been carried out on penis enlargement pills, there are still no proven results. This means that the safety and effectiveness claims that are made by many of the male enhancement pill manufacturers are generally considered to be somewhat questionable.

If you’re already using high quality penis enlargement products, like an adjustable penis weight hanging system, a penis stretcher or extender, clamps or an automatic penis pump to grow a bigger penis, you’re probably aware that some penis pills are designed to complement your physical training efforts.

A premium penis enlargement pill or supplement helps to increase the blood flow in the penis so that you achieve a stronger, harder erection much faster. You also gain an endurance, stamina and sexual performance boost when you regularly train your penis and take a daily dosage of penis enlargement pills. It’s also possible to increase your semen volume and to enjoy intensified orgasms.

What Do Penis Enlargement Pills Do?

Penis enlargement pills are designed to target the flow of blood to the sponge-like erectile tissue mass in the shaft that is known as the Corpora Cavernosa. Whenever the blood flow to the penis receives a boost, you achieve a noticeable increase in erection length and a girth gain.

Clinical research shows that penile tissue capacity and function increases when exposed to a selection of natural ingredients. It’s therefore common to find effective ingredients like Cordyceps, Horny Goat Weed and Mace Root in many high quality penis enlargement pills and supplement brands. 

Although popping penis enlargement pills won’t magically grow your penis overnight, you can achieve long-term gains by helping your penis to maximize its full potential.

Most guys don’t realiize that they’re not achieving a full 100% erection. Most men manage an elevation that is 85-95% of its actual potential. Increasing the blood flow in the shaft, via daily penis enlargement pill or supplement consumption, can help you attain the extra length and girth gain that you’ve been missing out on.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Actually Work?

While a penis enlargement pill or supplement isn’t going to instantly grow your manhood, there are plenty of benefits that you can rapidly enjoy when you pop a daily ‘sex vitamin’. Unlike prescription medications like Viagra, that are designed to work immediately, penis enlargement pills need to be taken for a few days before you begin to notice and feel the full-on effects. DO NOT be tempted to speed up the process by exceeding the recommended daily dosage.

High quality penis enlargement pills help the penis to ‘grow’ bigger by increasing the flow of blood to the spongy erectile tissues. This will result in a noticeable full erection gain of 0.5 to 2 inches.

You will:

  • Get and maintain stronger, harder erections
  • Enjoy enhanced stamina and an increased sex drive
  • Have a greater volume of semen 
  • Be able to delay premature ejaculation
  • Enjoy intensified orgasms 
  • Experience a sense of wellbeing 

What Is The Best Penis Enlargement Pill?

When you’re shopping around for something that will help you grow your manhood you’ll naturally want to know what pills make your penis bigger?

Although the number of male enhancement products available on the market is continually growing, only premium high quality penis enlargement pills that are made by reputable manufacturers are designed to improve your sexual confidence and sexual health.

Zen Hanger Volume & Recovery pills are specially formulated to work with your body by promoting faster healing recovery during your regular penis stretching workouts. The formula includes active herbal ingredients like Horny Goat Weed and Mace Root that stimulate blood flow, increase semen volume, and boost the libido. Every bottle contains a 30-day dosage of 60 bigger penis pills.

The best male enhancement penis enlargement pills should also have an impact on enhancing your sexual arousal and performance, and intensifying orgasms.

Do also bear in mind that it’s not uncommon to experience some temporary physical side effects when taking male enhancement penis enlargement pills. The most common side effects are headaches, flushing (reddening of the skin), and body aches. Immediately stop taking the penis pills and consult your healthcare provider if you experience other problems.

Where Can I Get Penis Enlargement Pills?

If you’re a guy who spends time browsing the internet you’ve probably already been inundated with pop-up links and spam emails that promote the latest revolutionary penis enlargement pills, and other male enhancement products.

Due to the vast array of penis enlargement pills that are available to buy online and over the counter, it’s important to exercise caution when choosing a product to complement your regular penis stretching workouts. Always check the ingredients, and only buy from reputable manufacturers.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills

If you’re not sure whether penis enlargement pills can do anything for you, you may be wondering how to make your penis stronger and longer without pills. 

To enhance the length and girth of your penis you need to actively take steps to continually boost blood flow for elevation success and improved sexual health. Physical training using premium penis enlargement products like penis stretchers and extenders, clamps, penis pumps and penis weight hangng systems will help you make your penis bigger over time, without taking pills. Following a regular and consistent penis stretching regime can help you increase the length of your manhood by up to 0.5-2in (1-5cm).