Is It Possible To Fracture Your Penis?

John Hanger

Is It Possible To Fracture Your Penis

Even though there are no bones or cartilage in the penis, it’s still possible to acquire a penile fracture that is excruciatingly painful.


Although not common, this unfortunate injury most often occurs during overly enthusiastic sexual intercourse, usually in an out of the ordinary location. Too much aggressive masturbation can also result in trauma to the spongy corpus cavernosum cylinders in the penis that are responsible for achieving a rock hard erection. Even falling out of bed, and landing on your penis, can cause tearing of the penile membrane lining and a potential penis fracture!

Double OUCH!!

As a guy who takes pride in the health and appearance of his manhood, you’ll obviously want to ensure that you always handle your most precious cargo with due care. 

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Breaking your penis isn’t like snapping a bone in your arm. It’s a much bigger deal…

When you rupture the membrane lining in the shaft, the engorged tissue tears, and blood surges through the opening making your penis explode! (Not literally.) There’s usually an accompanying loud popping or cracking noise, and swelling and bruising quickly follows. This exclusively masculine injury is commonly known as broken penis syndrome.

What Is Broken Penis Syndrome?

Broken penis syndrome is a penile fracture that is caused by severe bending of the erect penis. When the injury occurs, the tunica albuginea membrane, located in the spongy corpora cavernosa cylinder in the shaft, ruptures and tears. This then causes the blood in the penis to leak out of the tear into other tissues. As a result, swelling and bruising also develop.

In some cases, it’s possible to end up with the condition known as Peyronie's disease (bent penis) after experiencing severe broken penis syndrome.

What Causes A Penis Fracture?

Any physical situation that involves overly enthusiast thrusting of the penis can potentially result in a painful injury and a penis fracture. During sexual aerobics that require a variable assortment of positions, and/or unusual locations that encourage experimenting with unfamiliar sex positions, your penis could be at risk of suffering an acute penile fracture.

There’s absolutely no doubt that a penis fracture is an intensely painful injury. It’s also a medical condition that you never need to experience.

However, if during sex you: 

  • Hear a loud pop or cracking sound
  • Experience a rapid loss of erection
  • Feel excruciating pain 

…you may have broken your penis!

As the blood flows out of the tear in the corpora cavernosa cylinder, dark bruising will accompany the swelling. Blood may also be visible at the urinary opening of the penis.

Guys in their 20s and 30s tend to be more prone to penis fracture mainly because they’re more likely to engage in sexual activity that is considered to be vigorous. That doesn’t mean that you get off scot-free if you’re a man over 40. You could still be at risk of experiencing broken penis syndrome, as the penile tissue naturally and gradually loses rigidity with age.

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How Do You Repair A Penis Fracture?

Any injury to the penis requires urgent medical attention. Your medical practitioner will perform a physical examination in order to correctly identify and diagnose the damage. Prompt surgical repair is generally recommended. Left untreated, a penis fracture may develop into Peyronie's disease (bent penis) or result in other physical deformities. You may also have problems maintaining a rock hard erection, if you don’t do anything about healing the fracture.

The surgery involves making an incision in the penis to open up the skin. The membrane tear is accessed and closed up with sutures. In some cases, the tear can be extensive and may require additional stitches. The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and most men go home once they come round after the op. It’s recommended that you allow the fracture to properly heal before resuming any type of sexual activity. One month of celibacy is generally sufficient.

If your penis fracture is severe, and you don’t allow it to properly heal, you may end up with long-term scarring and the build up of scar tissue. This can cause your penis to bend at an angle when erect, or lead to erectile dysfunction issues.

Penis Fracture Preventative Measures

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